The school is equipped with a well furnished spacious library cum reading room with a fine array of collections in almost all the fields -Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Literature, Economics, Accountancy, History, Civics, Geography, Moral Science e, General Knowledge etc.

Library also boasts the unique privilege of having a series of career guidance and sample papers to help the senior students of the school. Soon the school will be procuring the "who's who" in the book world. The Britanica Encyclopedia and other reference encyclopedias.

The Library equips the students to fact the future with confidence and to quench their quest for knowledge through its envious periodical section, that boasts with a series of prestigious collection that include Physics Today, Chemistry Today, Biology Today, Mathematics Today, Down to Earth, The Week, Children's Digest, Reader's Digest, heights, Competition Success etc.

The management of the School leaves no room for complacency in terms of quality of education it imparts to its privileged wards. So it has been proposed to connect the school library to the 'Information Highway' - The Internet. Thus the students of Christ (Christites) will have this unique facility of its kind in the erstwhile Guna city.

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